Livia Firth wears Calleija to the Oscars ‘Green ’ Carpet Ready , March 2010

Calleija Jewellers graced the world’s most prestigious red carpet at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. A selection of one off designs featuring ethically sourced Argyle Pink Diamonds were worn by Livia Giuggiloi ‐ film producer and wife of Colin Firth ‐ Oscar Nominee for Best Actor in Tom Ford’s debut film, ‘A Single Man’.

Cutting a glamorous picture on the red carpet Livia grabbed media headlines for her ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ campaigned in her online blog for UK Vogue. Her quest was to wear only ethical and sustainable fashion and jewellery as she accompanied her husband Colin during the awards season.

When interviewed on arrival at the ceremony, she explained her admiration for Calleija jewellery and why Calleija’s signature Argyle pink diamonds were important to her cause. “I’m delighted to be wearing Calleija’s pink diamond jewellery tonight as part of my Green Carpet Challenge. Their pink diamonds are ethically sourced from the Argyle Mine in Australia. I feel lucky to have found something that has not only been made with great respect for its environment, but that is also beautiful in design. I like the strict control that Calleija exercises over the supply chain. So tonight, I will have diamonds, but they’ll be responsible ones!” Livia Firth ‐ March 2010

Livia chose Calleija’s ‘Voyager’ earrings featuring Argyle pink diamonds set in 18ct white and rose gold, with an Argyle pink and blue diamond Art Deco inspired ring and Argyle pink and white diamond line bracelet.