Calleija unveils its latest campaigns which were focused around Pink Diamond Collection, Calleija Glacier Engagement Collection and the Calleija for Aston Martin Collection.

Glacier Campaign

Calleija presents the Glacier diamond – a superb cut of spectacular beauty.  Crafted by John Calleija, his vision was to create the most exquisite diamond that would ignite passion in the heart of the person who wears it. The design process was a lesson in patience and perfection that resulted in a diamond that has become the ultimate celebration of true love.

The mood of this campaign was very much a classically beautiful and traditional one. The As the bride-to-be waits in her room, peering out the window, she dreams of her fiancé. Completely lost in her own world, swept up in emotion. Her movements are delicate. She’s graceful, classic, elegant yet sensual & alluring. It’s serene feeling and you can see that she is loved beyond her wildest desires. Her movements are slow & delicate and graceful. She draws you into her beauty, her world and the movement of her Glacier Diamond Ring is exquisite.

Celebrate your treasured moment with The Glacier Diamond – rare and exclusive to Calleija.

Pink Diamond Campaign

Imagine possesing the rarest of all Diamonds – the Australian Argyle PInk Diamond. We invite you to step foot into the magical world of Calleija. Exquisite, fantasy like, dreamy, ethereal;  a world that includes all the things you’ve only imagined though the eyes of the young. See the magnificent colours of nature showcased in rare Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds from a delicate blush to a vivid purplish pink and occasionally deep crimson red, these amazing gems deserve only the most unique and beautifully paired settings to ignite their fire and sparkle.

In this campaign the rare Australian Argyle Pink Diamond becomes the key to unlocking another world. The scene is all held together with perfect pink accents – add a little champagne and some pink diamonds and the world falls away. The scent of pink roses, the feel of beautiful dresses, the taste of fine champagne, the glimmer of vintage cut crystal, delicate floral print china, delicious fresh strawberry tarts, and most of all, the air filled with a dreamy and magical light.

Calleija Jewellers is proud to offer an enchanting selection of rare Argyle Pink Diamonds, perfectly enhanced by the artistry of John Calleija.

Calleija for Aston Martin Campaign

A partnership of elegance and raw beauty: Aston Martin & Calleija Jewellers.  Calleija partners with Aston Martin for a jewel collection that embodies beauty without compromise. The partnership consolidates a shared passion for the finest quality and craftsmanship. The project embodies six years of design and creative development in the making and the ‘Calleija for Aston Martin Collection’ features a new cut of gemstone titled the ASTAR, an exceptional cut and design that has proven an innovation in the jewellery industry.

The soul of an Aston Martin is transformed into an exquisite, rare Calleija gemstone that features throughout this collection. You are drawn into this beautiful world and feel the thrill of an electrifying connection between the man and the woman.  She exudes an air of confidence, an intriguing edge that has this man completely captivated. He has the luxurious car, the mansion, but this incredible woman with her alluring beauty is what he truly desires.

“Calleija’s true passion is about bespoke, handmade and individually created works of jewellery with the finest design and dedication to detail, that’s the very essence of our association between Calleija and Aston Martin.” says John Calleija.