The Creation of Camilah – Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

Camilah Platinum and Rose Gold White and Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

Behind the scenes – the creation of Camilah

Some pieces of art take on their life as they are created.
This was the case with the Calleija Camilah Pink Diamond Ring. At every step she changed and evolved. The incredible skill of the Calleija Master Jewellers is captured in these behind the scenes photos and the story of her creation.

The heart of Camilah

The Argyle Pink Diamond at the heart of Camilah is a natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond weighing 0.86ct. Mined in the Kimberley region of Western Australia the rare Argyle Pink Diamond was flown to London to be part of the collection in the Calleija Royal Arcade boutique located off Old Bond Street in Mayfair.

Camilah Argyle Pink Diamond Ring Sketch

Worthy of an original unique jewellery design John Calleija put pen to paper and drafted the initial concepts for this special Australian Pink Diamond ring.

Wanting to craft a truly unique piece John knew this was where the inspiration and hand of the Calleija master jewellers and artists would come into play, and the incredibly talented London Jeweller, Matthew Barnes, was given creative freedom to bring forth a masterpiece.

Following John’s initial concept sketches the London design team began the task of meticulously selecting every diamond needed to create a surround befitting her central Argyle Pink Diamond. Smaller white round diamonds are traditionally used to create a halo around centre gems. In this case, although the white diamonds would be the perfect contrast to the Pink Diamond, the thought of small white round diamonds did not fit with the vision for the designer ring being created.

Beautifully delicate and perfectly matched alternating white pear shaped diamonds were chosen instead. The interesting and unconventional diamond halo brings a brilliance to the ring and allows the colour of the Pink Diamond to be showcased as she deserves.

Not content with just white diamonds it was decided that smaller Argyle Pink Diamonds would be included to add intrigue to the halo and another point of difference. Every diamond had its own individual setting handmade to fit it perfectly. The white pear shaped diamonds settings were handmade in platinum while the Pink Diamonds settings were crafted in 18ct Rose Gold.

The central rose gold setting was crafted with precision and the first of the Argyle Pink Diamonds were carefully moved into position. Patiently and meticulously platinum claws were added to the pear shaped settings in order to secure the white diamonds.

With the fine details of this ring, and the partnering of rose gold and platinum, a combination of both traditional and modern techniques of jewellery manufacture were needed in the creation of this unique diamond ring. The close proximity of the diamonds to each other and the decision to rub over set the small Argyle Pink Diamonds meant that the Pink Diamonds all needed to be set in their individual handcrafted rose gold settings prior to being secured into place. With skill and expertise Matthew created a detailed network of diamonds around the heart of this ring using precise laser welding.

In keeping with true Calleija mastery as much time, love and dedication was used in the creation of the underside of the pink diamond ring as the front. A beautifully domed piece of platinum was crafted on which to add sculptural detailing and more diamonds. Highly polished and individual pieces of rose gold were formed to create the petals of gold underneath the ring.

With fine diamonds creating lines accentuating the sulptured rose gold highlights the elegant underside is a work of art in its own right. The joining of the two halves is a thing of beauty. A steady hand is required in these final stages. The shape, proportion and flow of the band of the diamond ring creates something that is both comfortable and elegant.

Fine diamonds set into the band bring light and sparkle and add to the finishing touches of this masterpiece. You can feel the difference with a Calleija ring; the weight, the curve, the comfort and the strength.

The final stage in this jouney is the setting of the white pear shaped diamonds and of course the Australian Argyle Pink Diamond at her heart. Entrusted to only the finest jewellers Calleija is hounoured to be an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier. Having access to the very best pink diamonds in the world allows Calleija to create Argyle Pink Diamond rings like Camilah.

Setting the centre pink diamond is the moment when all the planning, artistry and craftsmanship can be celebrated.

The next part of her journey

Wanting to capture the beauty of Camilah and share her mesmerising detail meant a journey back to Australia. World renowned jewellery photographer David Perryman captured the detail of Camilah from every angle before she flew to the iconic Byron Bay to play her part in a series of photos and videos capturing Calleija jewels in stunning natural light. A flight back to London means Camilah is now proudly displayed at the London Jewellery boutique in the Royal Arcade.

A Hidden Gift for you

With Camilah every diamond was meticulously selected to play it’s part in her story, right down to the final Argyle Pink diamond set underneath Camilah, as our hidden gift to you. We are only able to create these incredible jewellery masterpieces using these investment pink diamonds because of people like you who enjoy and wear Calleija art. Thank you for following the journey of Camilah to the very last detail.

Camilah Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

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