The Art of Statement Earrings

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Whether it be a simple black dress, a stunning evening gown, or stylish casual attire, statement earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The captivating appeal of statement earrings lies in the fact they frame your face and catch the eye of every person who speaks with you. Earrings are usually the first thing people see and as such they set the tone for your look and help to create the kind of statement you want to make.

Points to consider when choosing
statement earrings:


Whether it be bold striking colours, soft pastels or warm inviting colours coloured gemstones earrings are as unique and individual as you are. Owning statement coloured gem earrings allows you to create many looks with just one pair of earrings.

Colour is exciting in that it can be used in a number of ways to create interest and intrigue. Choosing gemstone earrings that are contrasting in colour to your gown gives that unexpected touch. Contrasting colour draws the eye and shows that you are someone who is confident and comfortable stepping outside the bounds of what is expected. Take these same beautiful coloured gem earrings and pair them with a dress of the same colour and tone as your earrings and you create an inviting, elegant look, one of sophistication and style.

Another option is to select an outfit that has a pattern of colours, one of which is the colour of your earrings. Picking up the highlight of colour is an interesting way to tie both earrings and outfit together in a complete styled look.

Lavender Jade Drop Earrings
Amethyst and White Diamond Drop Earrings
Amethyst Briolette and White Diamond Drop Earrings


One of the most eye-catching features of statement earrings is movement. With every turn of your head and step you take, the light catches on your earrings creating sparkle, light and movement. Whether you are wearing coloured gem earrings, Australian south sea pearl earrings, Argyle Pink Diamond earrings or brilliant white diamond earrings, movement creates interest and catches the eye. The feeling of your earrings shimmering as you speak and move creates a confidence and laughter within. Life, love, sparkle all come to the fore when you wear earrings with beautiful movement.

Champagne Design Detachable Drop Earrings
White Gold and White Diamond Art Deco Drop Earrings


The occasion, the gown, your hair style; all these elements go together to determine what length your earrings should be. Stunning red carpet or evening events may warrant long dramatic earrings whilst attending a wedding or luncheon may suggest a shorter style earring. Ultimately length is determined by what you are comfortable wearing and the design of the earring. Some women feel more comfortable with a shorter statement earring while others prefer an earring with length.


Designing beautiful diamond chandelier earrings, ear cuffs, hoop earrings or drop earrings is an art form, as finding the perfect balance between gems, metal and weight is incredibly important. It is important to select a design that suits your personality and lifestyle. Art Deco style designs bring a timeless beauty while more intricate designs are wonderful for those who love design elements.  Simple designs are incredibly versatile and can be worn with many outfits while more elaborate designs are wonderful conversation pieces and individual works of art. Designer earrings bring style to every outfit and if you want something extra special you can always speak with a designer at Calleija to create bespoke earrings for your special occasion.

Carina Argyle Pink and White Diamond Drop Earrings
platinum argyle pink and white diamond drop earrings


White gold is one of the most popular precious metals used in statement earrings as it allows the gems and diamonds to shine. White gold also looks beautiful against all hair colours. Of course if all your other jewellery is yellow gold or rose gold then it would make sense to have statement earrings that incorporate either touches of warmer coloured metals, or are crafted in rose or yellow gold.

Other Jewels

While your statement earrings don’t need to be part of a full suite of matching jewels it does give a more defined look when your jewels co-ordinate either with design highlights, shape of gem or type of gem. When wearing statement earrings, the focus is usually on the earrings and as such a simple neckpiece is usually enough. With many gowns a pair of statement earrings may be all you need, with bare necks often seen on the red carpet.

White Princess Cut Diamond Drop Earrings
Aranyani Green Tourmaline and White Diamond Drop Earrings
Kailis White Gold Kailis Charleston Drop Pearl Earrings


The possibilities are endless, beautiful coloured gems, rare Argyle pink diamonds, brilliant white diamonds, Australian south sea pearls all make captivating statement earrings. Your imagination can know no bounds with statement earrings. Morganites are incredibly popular at the moment, with the colour suiting many skin types and hair colours. Stunning tourmalines and emeralds give rich deep colours and the natural beauty of Australian south sea pearls is a versatile choice for many gowns. With the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine at the end of 2020 Argyle pink diamonds are becoming a very popular choice for statement earrings as collectors and connoissuers alike realise that the possibility of creating jewels with these iconic gems is soon to end.

Known for unique designs and mesmerising detail Calleija is home to a stunning collection of statement earrings featuring gorgeous coloured gems, Argyle pink diamonds and exquisite workmanship. You are invited to visit one of the Calleija boutiques in Old Bond Street Mayfair, The Westin Hotel in Sydney and Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast.