The Couture Collection

The Art of Calleija

John Calleija cordially invites you to celebrate with an exhibition of the rare and collectible jewels in the Couture Collection, a special viewing of Argyle Dreaming™ and Calleija’s Argyle pink diamonds from this year’s tender.

Argyle Dreaming™ is a necklace and ring set that was born out of the collaboration between Calleija and Argyle Pink Diamonds. A poetic rendition to the landscape that birthed the 1.6 billion-year-old Argyle diamonds while utilising some of the last diamonds that will ever be mined from the region itself.


Sat 16th Nov – Sun 1st Dec 2019
Calleija Boutique
Level One, Marina Mirage
74 Seaworld Drive
Main Beach 4217

Fri 6th Dec – Fri 20th Dec 2019
Calleija Boutique
The Fullerton Hotel
(formerly The Westin)
Martin Place Sydney 2000