The 2020 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

Experiencing the encounter of a lifetime

For every one million carats of rough Argyle diamonds produced, only a mere one polished carat ever makes its way into an Argyle Diamonds Signature Tender, one the most exclusive international diamond tenders.

Only the rarest of the rare Argyle Diamonds qualify for the Tender with their rarity being assessed after the gem is cut, polished and assessed for hue, saturation and colour. They must also be certified by two independent grading specialists. It is no surprise that Argyle Tender Diamonds are so rare it would take an entire year’s production to fill a teaspoon.

In late 2020, Calleija had the privilege of participating in the penultimate Argyle Pink Diamond Signature Tender, the One Lifetime, One Encounter collection. Inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘ichigo ichie’, One Lifetime, One Encounter expresses the unrepeatable nature of a moment. This collection showcases a historic offering of sixty-two rare and exquisitely finite Argyle pink, red and blue diamonds.

Whilst the majority of the collection was internationally sold, Calleija is filled with pride to successfully secure seven of these rare Tender diamonds. We invite you to learn more about them below.

Argyle Ethereal™

As the largest Purple-Pink diamond ever offered at an Argyle Tender, Argyle Ethereal™ is beyond exceptional. We could not agree more with Argyle Pink Diamonds, in that a “sweet serendipity gives rise to [her] transcendent beauty.”  A personal viewing with Argyle Ethereal™ always leads to amazement and we are filled with honour to be her guardian.

Diamond Details
2.45ct | Square Radiant
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: 6PP | Argyle Clarity: P1
GIA Colour: Fancy Intense Purple-Pink | GIA Clarity: I1 | GIA Certificate: 2201752693

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Red is the highest colour grade for an Argyle Pink Diamond and is the most highly prized collectible diamond colour in the world. Prior to 2020, only thirty-two Fancy Red Diamonds have ever been presented in the history of the Argyle Tender, which spans over three decades.

Witnessing the beauty of Ayano, the largest Fancy Red diamond in the 2020 Tender is an encounter of a lifetime. She is the only one graded red by GIA and Argyle Pink Diamonds, making her extremely rare. True to her name, Ayano’s beauty comes from her fiery colour and stunning design.

Diamond Details:
0.74ct | Radiant
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: Red | Argyle Clarity: P1
GIA Colour: Fancy Red | GIA Clarity: I2 | GIA Certificate: 2201572282

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Like her namesake, Gioia brings her owner great happiness and joy. Her elegant oval shape and Fancy Intense Purplish Pink colour make her a remarkable diamond. She is a story of exceptional rarity and beauty. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about Gioia.

Diamond Details:
0.82ct | Oval
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: Purplish-Pink 4PP | Argyle Clarity: SI2
GIA Colour: Fancy Intense Purplish Pink | GIA Clarity: SI2 | GIA Certificate: 2205947328

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True to her name, Tesora is one of nature’s greatest treasures. She illuminates every moment with her sparkling cushion cut. Tesora is also awarded with an extremely rare ‘vivid’ colour grade of Fancy Vivid Purplish-Pink. Any Argyle Pink Diamond graded with a ‘vivid’ colour grade is extremely rare, accounting for just 11% of all Argyle Tender diamonds. When you see her dazzle in natural light, it easy to become mesmerised with her beauty.

Diamond Details:
0.64ct | Cushion
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: Purplish-Pink 4PP | Argyle Clarity: SI1
GIA Colour: Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink | GIA Clarity: SI2 | GIA Certificate: 2205947328

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Petit Crescendo

Like a warm sunset in Australia’s East Kimberly region, the colours in Petit Crescendo are captivating. Her colours range from a stunning red to a 9P Pink that will make you blush. As it has taken nearly five years to collect her matching diamonds, she is incredibly rare.

In addition to her enchanting hues, Petit Crescendo is especially unique due to her distinctive pear shape diamonds. Symbolising empowerment, pear shape diamonds are the perfect match for an independent spirit.

Diamond Details:
1.24ct | Pear Shape
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: Argyle Pink (1-9 P) and Red | Argyle Clarity: VVS1-SI2
Number of stones: 10

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Petit Oiseau

A spectacular 0.37ct Purplish Red oval shape Argyle diamond takes centre stage of Petit Oiseau. With a suite of round brilliant Blue and Red Argyle diamonds accompanying her, she creates an enchanting flash of colour that equals 0.81ct. She is extremely rare as it has also taken five years to collect her beautiful matching Argyle diamonds. The wait was worth it; Petit Oiseau’s magnificent hues reflect the natural beauty of her Australian origins.

They also make Petit Oiseau one of the rarest collections as less than seventy red, violet and blue diamonds have ever been presented in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Diamonds of this colour are so rare that an entire year’s production of polished Argyle red, blue and violet diamonds combined would barely fill the palm of one’s hands and Tender diamonds of this calibre would hardly amount to fill a teaspoon.

Diamond Details:
0.81ct | Oval and Round Brilliant
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Grade: Red and Blue Violet (BL3) | Argyle Clarity: VS1-SI2Number of stones: 13

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Argyle Pink Diamonds are more than exceptional due to their revered colour. Never before have diamonds been as stunning and saturated with vibrant hues as Argyle pink diamonds. When we consider they were formed 1.6 billion years ago under extreme temperature and pressure, it is our natural instinct to take the greatest care and protect these rare gifts from nature. Although the sun has set on the Argyle Diamond mine in November 2020, Calleija will continue to celebrate her legacy. We invite you to visit our boutiques to learn more.