The Creativity and Craftsmanship of Ciana

Ciana sketch

The Story of Ciana

By Calleija Master Jeweller, John Harrison

Every Calleija design presents the artisan making it with a unique challenge which we enjoy. Not only do we commit to creating something imagined into a reality, but we always aim to present the wearer with a masterpiece. We want one’s eyes to flow naturally over the beauty of their Calleija creation and experience the same feeling one has when discovering the magnificence of ageless sculpture or objet d’art.

The finest examples of timeless art can also be found in nature, where the incredible beauty of the natural world expresses itself by following the fundamental principles of line and balance in effortless creation.  In the same way, we endeavour to create our Calleija jewellery using these two important principles of design.

And, as is so often the truth, one might not know why certain beauty makes one feel happy, only that it does. This often happens when something is created properly and with the greatest care.  A piece of really fine jewellery is manifested by the quality and creation of the sum of its parts.

Every gemstone evokes an emotional response within each Calleija artisan. From the moment one designs a piece of jewellery to complement a gem’s shape, intensity and colour, to the moment one crafts that design into a cherished heirloom, the experience is always a memorable triumph.  The journey of creating our beautiful Ciana was unforgettable.

Ciana Calleija ring

Ciana is a sophisticated and elegant ladies dress ring handcrafted in Platinum and 18Kt Yellow Gold. She is embellished with the finest quality of round brilliant, pear shape and trillion cut White Diamonds. She is beautiful.

In addition to the stunning colour and brilliance of Ciana’s Purple/Pink Sapphire, her beauty is also a perfect example of the vibrancy and lustre of one of nature’s rarest gems. As Sapphires are an extremely hard gemstone, second only in nature to that of Diamond and graded in much the same way, this impressive gem displays an internal and exquisite lustre of timeless and exotic beauty. I must admit to rarely having seen a more striking, and very much ‘alive’ pink coloured stone.

When I began considering the final appearance of Ciana, I always wanted her Sapphire to be the focal point in my design. Ciana’s sparkling White Diamonds and 18ct Yellow Gold details are all designed to draw one’s focus inward. As Cianna’s Sapphire is so impressive, it made my job all the more interesting and creatively satisfying.

As I wanted to lead one’s eye Ciana’s Sapphire, I sculpted finely set White Diamonds into unique 18ct Yellow Gold ‘V’ sections. This is complemented by the angles of the trillion cut White Diamonds on Ciana’s inner halo and the pear shape White Diamonds on her outside halo. Her unique ‘V’ shapes are also crafted with a contrasting 18ct Yellow Gold to highlight these aspects of her design. Sometimes the use of the same precious metals can cause beautiful features of a piece to blend into the background.

We go to great lengths at Calleija to procure the perfect stones for the perfect piece, and while it’s true that Diamonds and most coloured gems can be obtained in standardised and calibrated sizes, the more exotic Diamonds do not. So always will remain their slight variations in size, measurements and depth. Inevitably, it is almost always necessary to hand make and shape each individual setting for a perfect fit in order to achieve perfect harmony in height and balance of each gem.

Once I crafted Ciana’s design, I decided to add one further aspect that wasn’t in my original drawings. I created scalloped Platinum glyphs to surround Ciana’s outside halo. These had the perfect effect of completing the vision of Ciana, something I couldn’t predict until I reached that point of crafting her with my hands.

The Calleija design philosophy is to treat every detail with reverence when creating our jewellery. Even in the areas of a piece where it may be difficult to observe those details, it still warrants the same consideration. We can never understate the importance of this in every aspect of our work.

Ciana was, as are all of our creations, a labour of love and persistence of creative energy.
Her design reflects a strong and feminine presence. She exemplifies Calleija’s commitment to our design philosophy and to our many valued clients.

by John Harrison
Calleija Designer and Jeweller
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