Calleija Makes History in the Final Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

Calleija Makes History as the only Australian Jeweller to win Hero Diamonds in the Final Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

Calleija is proud to announce we recently won two of the final five hero Argyle Tender diamonds in Rio Tinto’s very last Argyle Tender. Each year Argyle selects only a few of the most significant diamonds for the Argyle Tender and names them after their unique beauty. These are affectionately known as the Hero diamonds.

The Argyle Tender is considered the most exclusive diamond event in the world as it includes the final collection of the finest and best quality Argyle diamonds of the year. The Argyle Tender diamonds represent less than 0.01% of the Argyle Mine’s diamonds and are considered the rarest of rare.

To illustrate this rarity, it would take an entire year’s production of Argyle Tender Diamonds to fill a teaspoon. The 2021 collection, titled The Journey Beyond™, is an iconic collection admired around the world and includes the final and most magnificent diamonds produced from the famous Western Australia Argyle Mine.

Calleija Founder and Jeweller, John Calleija said:
This final collection was absolutely breathtaking and I was speechless when I discovered we were successful in winning Argyle Eclipse™ and Argyle Bohème™. To win any hero Tender Diamond is extremely difficult and such a great honour, but to win Lot 1 Argyle Eclipse™, the largest diamond in the tender and Argyle Bohème™, the last ever incredibly rare Red Hero Tender diamond is an absolute dream come true.
It is one of the proudest moments in the history of Calleija.

Read the full press release from Rio Tinto here.

Argyle Eclipse™ Tender Diamond

Argyle Eclipse™

Argyle Eclipse™ is a 3.47 carat, radiant shaped Fancy Intense Pink diamond. Taking centre stage as Lot 1 of this historic tender, she is the largest Fancy Intense Pink diamond offered in the 38-year history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender. Transformed from a 7.1carat rough diamond into a majestic 3.47 carat Fancy Intense Pink radiant diamond – Argyle Eclipse™ is a dazzling piece of natural Australian history.

Argyle Bohème™ Tender Diamond

Argyle Bohème™

Argyle Bohème™ is a 1.01 carat, radiant shaped Fancy Red diamond. As Lot 5 and a hero of the Tender, she is one of just 35 of this colour grade ever offered in the history of the Argyle Tender. Argyle Bohème™ was also the last one carat Red Tender Diamond to come from the Argyle mine which closed in November 2020.