The Creation of Argyle Ethereal™

The Journey of one of the Rarest Diamonds in the World.

The journey of Argyle Ethereal™ begins in the sunburnt lands of beautiful Western Australia and has since been cared for by talented Calleija artisans in London and Australia. To capture and complement her beauty, Calleija designed and crafted a unique Platinum jacket and band adorned with forty-eight sparkling round brilliant cut White Diamonds totalling 0.48ct.

Argyle Tender Diamond - Argyle Pink Diamond Ethereal

When Rio Tinto announced the Argyle Diamond mine was closing in November 2020, jewellery lovers and collectors across the world waited with anticipation; we all could not wait to see some of the final diamonds unearthed from this famous mine. Fortunately, Calleija had the privilege of participating in the 2020 Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender, which revealed some of these stunning and final Argyle diamonds.

For each annual Tender, Argyle chooses only a few of the most significant diamonds and these are affectionately known as the hero diamonds. At a remarkable radiant-shaped 2.45ct, Argyle Ethereal™ was the hero diamond that stole the spotlight. As the largest Purple-Pink Diamond ever offered in the history of an Argyle Tender, she garnered attention from The New York Times, ABC News, Qantas Magazine, Travel Insider and other international media.

pink diamond ring sketch
Argyle Ethereal™ ring
argyle pink diamond ring sketch
Platinum ring and band
Platinum and White Diamond Jacket ring

Inspired by the splendid Great Gatsby era, this beautiful White Diamond jacket is also designed to be removable, showcasing Calleija’s talent for inimitable design with versatile features. To further enhance this versatility, the owner of Argyle Ethereal™ is also gifted a divine 1.59ct Aquamarine and White Diamond ring, designed to be worn on her own or with the White Diamond jacket.

Aquamarine ring with Platinum White Diamond jacket
Argyle Pink Tender Diamond Ring
Argyle Ethereal Tender Diamond ring

Not only does the Argyle Ethereal™ ring offer her wearer different looks, she also comes with a secret gift. Hidden under her setting she features a petite Argyle Pink Diamond, a gift for her wearer along. The Argyle Ethereal™ ring is designed to be beautiful from every angle — a classic signature of Calleija artistry. Click below to discover more of her mesmerising details.

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