Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Chooses Calleija as One of Two Icon Partners™

Argyle Pink Diamond Calleija Icon Partner

To create celebrated masterpieces and honour the rare beauty and remarkable heritage of Argyle Pink Diamonds™, Calleija has been appointed as one of two Icon Partners™. This is a new form of partnership where Calleija will work directly with Argyle Pink Diamonds™ to create celebrated masterpieces with some of the final Argyle Pink Diamonds™ produced from the Argyle Mine.

With the closure of the world-renowned Argyle Diamond Mine in 2020, pink diamonds have become rarer than ever before. Each bejeweled creation featuring these incredibly rare diamonds carries natural Australian history that is more than 1.6 billion years old.

This appointment is a testament to Calleija’s award-winning artistry and long-standing reverence for Argyle Pink Diamonds™ demonstrated over many years. This rarified and exclusive opportunity to be chosen as an Icon Partner™ is one of the biggest achievements in the history of Calleija.

Patrick Coppens, General Manager of Sales & Marketing for Rio Tinto’s Diamonds business says, “Calleija’s unparalleled dedication to perfection and the mesmerising details in their designs always amazes us. We are delighted that these extraordinarily rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ are in the careful custody of Calleija and we look forward to seeing their future creations.”

As an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier™ for more than 30 years, Calleija has proudly created jewellery with Argyle Pink Diamonds™ for clients and jewellery lovers worldwide.

Jeweller and Calleija Founder, John Calleija says, “I am enormously proud to work with Rio Tinto as an Icon Partner™. Argyle Pink Diamonds™ have been much of my life’s work and I am looking forward to continuing to create works of art and wearable treasures for our clients around the globe that are worthy of the brand’s heritage diamond status.”

To explore Calleija’s Argyle Pink Diamond™ jewellery and award-winning artistry, we invite you to visit one of our boutiques in London, Gold Coast or Sydney.

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