The Creation of Oriana


Her vision was drawn from the rising morning sun casting blushing rays across the abounding Australian desert sky.

As one of the coveted diamonds in the final Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender™ collection, Oriana is unique not only for her size, but also for her round shape.

Her centre Argyle Pink Tender Diamond™ radiates with a Fancy Pink hue and is bestowed with a blushing 6P Argyle colour grade, making her infinitely alluring.

Oriana offers a distinct symmetry in her design with two matching pear-shaped Argyle Pink Diamonds™ caressing her centre.

Awarded the beautiful 7P Argyle colour, these irreplaceable pear-shaped diamonds enhance Oriana’s harmonious and feminine design.

With halos of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and dazzling White Diamonds, Oriana is a vision of endless splendour.

Experience the Art

It’s with meticulous craftsmanship a vision is turned into reality. From the moment a design is imagined, to the moment Calleija Jewellers create a mesmerising piece of jewellery, every step of the design journey for a bespoke Calleija creation is dedicated to perfection.

Oriana’s design found inspiration in the place of her origin, a Kimberley desert sunrise. Her fiery skyline, filled with scattered clouds illuminated in vibrant shades of pinks, reds, and oranges lounging over the endless sandy plains.

She is an exquisite statement of art.

While each rough pink diamond discovered at the Argyle mine was an inherently rare miracle of nature, it was in the hands of the talented artisans of Argyle Pink Diamonds™, that each rough was transformed into a polished masterpiece.

Behind the Scenes