Argyle Pink Diamonds

The rarest and most beautiful of diamonds

The extreme scarcity of natural Argyle Pink Diamonds makes them the most highly prized diamonds for collectors across the globe.
Their scarcity also demands they be entrusted to a select circle of the world’s finest jewellers.

aurora white argyle pink diamond ring

A diamond is a rare and collectible thing, passed down through generations and growing in value with each passing year.

Coloured diamonds, available in a range of hues from brown to yellow, and even pinks, reds and blues, add an element of unique charisma and charm to any collectible piece. Pink diamonds, the rarest and most exquisite of coloured diamonds, have been thrilling collectors and jewellers alike lovers since their discovery.

Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine, located within the remote Kimberly region of Western Australia, currently produces over 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds. Their extreme scarcity and remarkable colours – from delicate blushes to vivid purplish pinks, and occasionally deep crimsons – affords them a special significance among jewellery lovers the world over. Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, John Calleija, is among a select few master jewellers entrusted with the crafting of bespoke pink diamond jewellery.

The conditions required to create a natural pink diamond, unlike other diamonds, is a still very much a mystery. While other coloured diamonds contain trace elements which result in their varied hues, pink diamonds contain no such impurities. Experts suggest that their captivating colours arise as a result of extreme heat and pressure over thousands of years, yet this is still debated within the industry.

For those captivated by the beauty of pink diamonds, the mystery surrounding their creation only enhances their appeal. Their vivid shades of pink, purple and red means that they’re most popularly chosen for engagement jewellery; representing timeless romance, fiery passion and a dedication to unique and everlasting love.

Whether collected by a discerning diamond devotee or gifted as a symbol of love, to own an Argyle Pink Diamond is to own a piece of Australian history. Calleija carries an exclusive range of pink diamond jewellery, expertly designed to capture and enhance the natural characteristics of these most spectacular of diamonds. Visit any of Calleija’s three stunning boutiques on the Gold Coast, in Sydney or in London’s Mayfair, to view a remarkable range of bespoke pink diamond jewellery.


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