Beyond Rare

The extreme scarcity of natural Argyle Pink Diamonds makes them the most highly prized diamonds for collectors across the globe.
Their scarcity also demands they be entrusted to a select circle of the world’s finest jewellers.

aurora white argyle pink diamond ring

Argyle Pink Diamonds – Imagine the joy of possessing the rarest of all diamonds. 

The Argyle Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, produces virtually the entire supply of the world’s natural Pink Diamonds. These exquisite gems are one of the true wonders of the world and reveal themselves from deep within the Earth’s crust, after taking literally billions of years to form. With breathtaking colours ranging from a delicate blush to vivid purplish pink, and occasionally deep crimson, these amazing gems deserve beautiful bespoke settings to ignite their fire and sparkle.

The origin of the colour of Pink Diamonds is largely a mystery and the subject of ongoing debate. Unlike other coloured Diamonds, where the colour is the result of a trace element, Pink Diamonds are not the result of an impurity. Rather, they are thought to obtain their colour as a result of extreme pressure beneath the earth’s surface.

The Argyle Diamond mine also produces extremely rare blue diamonds, sought by collectors worldwide. Many of these beautiful gems contain an intense violet tone and range from a tiny 0.01 carat to well over one carat in size. Calleija carry an exclusive selection of both loose and set Blue and Pink Diamonds.

To own a rare Argyle Pink Diamond is to own a unique piece of Australia, a family heirloom that will be treasured through future generations. Calleija Jewellers is proud to offer a magnificent selection of rare Argyle Pink Diamonds, perfectly enhanced by the artistry of John Calleija.

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