Pink Diamond Tender

Pink Diamonds are sold at an invitation-only Annual Tender, where the finest 55­‐60 diamonds are revealed at private showings
around the world. Each diamond carries a reserve price, so potential buyers place a sealed bid and the highest bidder is notified
of their win at the tender deadline.

Vibrant. Individual. Collectable. 

Pink Diamonds suitable for the Tender are generally more than 0.5 carats and, after being cut & polished, certified by two independent grading laboratories for size, hue, saturation and colour. Control over the mining, manufacturing and marketing of these Diamonds allows Argyle Pink Diamonds to offer a guaranteed chain of custody from mine to market, backed up with a certificate of authenticity. 

The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender has been held annually since 1984. With less than a decade of production remaining in the Argyle Diamond Mine, there are approximately 500 Tender Diamondssaid to remain, making the Tender one of the world’s most anticipated events each year. Argyle Pink Diamond Tender diamonds are literally one in a million. For every one million carats of rough diamonds produced, only one polished carat is offered for sale at the Tender.

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