Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier

Throughout history, Pink Diamonds’ beauty and rarity have made them a status symbol among the wealthiest members of society. The market for Pink Diamonds is quite separate to White Diamonds and due to their rarity, Pink Diamonds typically command prices far in excess of White Diamonds.

Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier

Calleija – An Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier

Rio Tinto, the owner of The Argyle Diamond Mine, carefully manages the distribution of natural Pink Diamonds that are not sold through their Tender process. These diamonds, which come in a full range of beautiful blushing cherry blossom pink hues through to the occasional intense fancy red, are sold as loose polished stones throughout the year.

An exclusive group of master craftsmen known as Select Ateliers and Authorised Partners have been appointed to showcase Argyle Pink Diamonds rarity, beauty and luxury. John Calleija is proud to be one of only 30 authorised Select Ateliers in the world to present you with the very best of Argyle Pink Diamonds in the Award Winning settings and unique art of Calleija.

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