Sustainable and ethical trade of pink diamonds

Each of these unique gems contains stories of an ancient, isolated landscape, where traditional Aboriginal owners have lived in co­‐existence with the land for tens of thousands of years.

Calleija - Sustainable and ethical diamonds and gemstones
Calleija - Sustainable and ethical diamonds and gemstones
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Argyle Pink Diamonds – protecting the Pink Diamond’s heritage.

Environmental and cultural protection of the land is of utmost importance to the Argyle group. First and foremost, the rugged landscape of the Kimberley region is of great significance to the Indigenous population who have called it home for many thousands of years. Each diamond unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine therefore carries with it the stories and culture of the land’s earliest inhabitants. To own a Pink Diamond is to own a piece of Australian history; ancient, precious, and timeless.

Argyle have worked closely in a respectful partnership with the region’s local Indigenous people to ensure the safeguarding of culturally significant sites and water sources. Rehabilitation of the landscape is also a priority, with detailed and careful plans in place to see that the replanting of important native species is carried out effectively. These works are done in consultation with the Indigenous inhabitants of the East Kimberley region. Furthermore, Argyle endeavours to adopt and implement the latest in energy efficiency techniques to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that the footprint left on the Argyle Diamond Mine site is as minimal as possible.

Argyle Pink Diamonds helping communities to flourish

As a conscientious global firm, Argyle is committed to making a positive impact on the regions in which they operate. Their work in Western Australia is no exception, and the firm aims to support the development of healthier, wealthier and stronger communities in the wake of their operations in the region.

The Kimberley region’s communities have long suffered significant social and economic disadvantage. Argyle has been determined that the diamond mine’s operation would play a role in rectifying this disadvantage within the surrounding local communities and has implemented several community development initiatives in collaboration with the local Traditional Owners of the land. Under the landmark Land Use Agreement, Argyle’s operations are funding several training, employment, business development, education, and health initiatives which they hope will play a significant role in assisting the local communities to grow and flourish for generations to come – well after the mine is but a memory.

Argyle Pink Diamonds – integrity guaranteed

Calleija, Argyle, and Rio Tinto at large, are steadfast in their dedication to the ethical trade of diamonds and gemstones. We work only with producers who share our commitment to this ethos, which is why we are delighted to feature Argyle Pink Diamonds in some of our most exquisite collections.

The journey of a diamond, from mining to market, involves many changes of hand. Understanding this journey and being assured that each stage of the process is conducted ethically and sustainably is of utmost importance to Calleja. Argyle and other Rio Tinto producers observe strict industry guidelines throughout the supply chain to guarantee that only fair-trade practices and international environmental practices are adhered to. Furthermore, you can rest assured that an Argyle Pink Diamond from Calleija has never been involved in conflict.

Argyle champions diamond industry reform

Both Calleija and Argyle are equally committed to the ethical trade of diamonds and of sustainable practices throughout the industry. The diamond trade has been subject to unethical practices over a number of years, and it is the mission of Argyle and its contemporaries to ensure that a stop is brought to these methods.

To further their efforts to encourage the ethical conduct of all businesses involved in the diamond and wider jewellery trade, Rio Tinto became a founding member of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices, later renamed the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). This organisation has gone on to develop industry codes of practice and principles to which all members of the council are subject. This important initiative is critical to ensuring that the entire jewellery supply chain is free from the mire of unethical mining. Labour, and trade practices. Calleija are proud to support Rio Tinto in their efforts to reform the industry, through our continued support of Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine.