After Sales Service

Calleija jewellery is exceptional, both in design and in quality of manufacture. Our jewellers are among the best in the world and as such we have absolute confidence in every piece created in the Calleija workshop. For this reason we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. You can confidently wear and enjoy your Calleija creations, safe in the knowledge that they are made to stand the tests of time.

after you buy from Calleija
Jonh Calleija-supporter of Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

Calleija jewellery has a life of its own and that life sparkles the brightest when your jewellery is clean. There is no greater compliment or thrill that you can give us than proudly wearing your magnificent Calleija jewellery. To help you jewellery sparkle like new we offer a complimentary cleaning and checking service at all of our boutiques once you have purchased with Calleija.


We are committed to you for a lifetime. We understand you will always be evolving over the course of your life, as you experience new things and live through many adventures. Throughout the years you may find your taste and style changing, and your Calleija jewellery can be remodelled to reflect your character and personality.

Guarantee Agreement

The designers and jewellers at Calleija have created your special piece to not only look exceptional but also to be long lasting and treasured for generations to come. As part of our guarantee agreement, all that we require is that you bring you jewellery in for a complimentary clean and check approximately once every six months (and once in the first three months), to ensure the overall wellbeing of your piece. Even the hardiest pieces will require a little maintenance. Maintenance may sometimes be required on your Calleija creations, especially if you are wearing it every day, to keep them looking their best. Your six monthly visits to one of our boutiques will allow us to advise you best on any maintenance that may be required.

Jewellery Care

Our dedicated Calleija gemmologists, jewellers, and experienced sales team are always on hand to advise you in any way they can, regarding the best way to care for your jewellery. You can also follow some simple guidelines in order to ensure your jewellery remains in peak condition:

~ Remove your jewellery when doing heavy work with your hands, for example gardening, lifting heavy objects and racket sports. The least amount of unnecessary knocks and bumps to your jewellery will ensure it requires less maintenance over the years.

~ When not wearing your jewellery, storing it in a jewellery case is the best way to ensure that the gemstones and gold do not scratch each another.

~ Remove your jewellery when carrying out domestic work. Grime and oils adhered to your diamond means they will not sparkle as brightly as they should. Some gemstones like opals, pearls and emeralds have porous surfaces and can even be damaged by harsh chemicals. 


We know that you take the greatest of care with your Calleija jewellery, but despite the best of intentions, accidents can happen. If you have dropped your jewellery, or feel you may have given it a knock, please do come to one of our boutiques as soon as you can. To ensure that your diamonds and gemstones are kept safe, it is best to stop wearing the piece until a Calleija jeweller can examine it for you. Our jewellers will check your jewellery for signs of damage and attend to any necessary repairs for you.