Experience the Art of Calleija

Inspired by the essence of creativity and imagination, we invite you to experience the Art of Calleija.

This collection pays homage to the expression and skill of Calleija artisans. With beauty and emotion conveyed through every exquisite piece crafted, we hope you enjoy each timeless treasure.

Shaped and adorned with the finite rarity of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and the most spectacular gems from around the world, every design is created to be the essence of true art.


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Argyle Pink Tender Diamond ring

Reflections of Rarity

Although the sun has set on the Argyle Diamond mine, her perpetual legacy leaves a warm afterglow in our hearts forever. We reflect on all the extraordinary memories and inspiration she has bestowed upon us over so many wondrous years. Furthermore, we reflect on her gifts of rare beauty, Argyle Pink Diamonds, some of the rarest in the history of the world.

Calleija is proud to embrace the finite rarity of Argyle pink diamonds in our latest collection. Filled with alluring beauty, a sumptuous palette of colour, and flawless artistry, this collection is inspired by unparalleled moments of beauty, truth and love. Each piece is designed with mesmerising detail and crafted by decades of experience relentlessly dedicated to perfection.

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Celebrating a Legacy  

With the renowned Argyle Pink Diamond mine closure in late 2020, Calleija is proud to pay tribute to these iconic gems. As the source of over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, the closure of this mine has piqued the interests of jewellery lovers and collectors around the globe.

It is no surprise, as Argyle Pink Diamonds are some of the most rare and exquisite gems on earth. We invite you to celebrate their legacy and view one the rarest diamonds on earth.


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Calleija Glacier Collection

Glacier Diamond Campaign  

John Calleija has dedicated his life’s work to being at the cutting edge of contemporary design whilst holding in high regard the traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship of his trade. Never content to simply conform to the status quo, John dreamed of creating a mesmerising, unique and exclusive diamond inspired by the traditional cushion cut diamond. John dedicated over two years to perfecting a diamond which embodies the brilliance and elegance of this traditional cut and yet exudes a soft femininity and grace within the cushion cut’s distinctive features.

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Omaira Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond Campaign  

Calleija is one of the few jewellers in the world appointed as an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier.

These rarest of diamonds, hailing from Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region, range in shades from blush pinks to purplish pinks and, yet rarer still, the remarkable blues and reds.

Calleija is renowned for designing the most extraordinary Argyle Pink Diamond jewellery, and each year creates ground-breaking new designs inspired by the brilliant hues of these gems.

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Calleija Coloured Gems Collection

Coloured Diamond Campaign  

Calleija’s love affair with spectacular gemstones incorporates much more than the exquisite White and Pink Diamonds we are renowned for. Coloured diamonds and gemstones play a starring role in some of Calleija’s most spellbinding creations. From the deep hues of Muzo Emeralds to brilliant Sapphires, Rubies, Tourmalines and even the captivating and unusual Aquamarines and Morganites; our unique and rare collection of coloured gems are carefully and ethically sourced to create distinctively magnificent jewellery, as individual as the wearer.

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glacier diamond engagement ring

Glacier Campaign

Calleija presents the Glacier diamond – a superb cut of spectacular beauty. Crafted by John Calleija, his vision was to create the most exquisite diamond that would ignite passion in the heart of the person who wears it. The design process was a lesson in patience and perfection that resulted in a diamond that has become the ultimate celebration of true love.

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Pink Diamonds

Imagine possessing the rarest of all Diamonds – the Australian Argyle Pink Diamond. We invite you to step foot into the magical world of Calleija. Exquisite, fantasy-like, dreamy, ethereal; a world that includes all the things you’ve only imagined through the eyes of the young. See the magnificent colours of nature showcased in rare Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds from a delicate blush to a vivid purplish pink and occasionally deep crimson red, these amazing gems deserve only the most unique and beautifully paired settings to ignite their fire and sparkle.

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Calleija for Aston Martin Campaign

A partnership of elegance and raw beauty: Aston Martin & Calleija Jewellers. Calleija partners with Aston Martin for a jewel collection that embodies beauty without compromise. The partnership consolidates a shared passion for the finest quality and craftsmanship. John Calleija was inspired by Aston Martin’s Supercar, the One – 77, which has led to Calleija being selected to design this latest high-luxury offering in which each design is limited to only 77 pieces.

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