Elena Argyle Pink Diamond Tender Ring


Inspired by love’s brightest moments, Elena blooms with a magnificent 1.12ct round brilliant cut Argyle Pink Tender diamond.

She is exceptionally rare as one of only thirty-one above 1.00 carat round brilliant cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamonds that has ever been offered at Tender in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamond mine. She is awarded 5PP with S12 clarity. A diamond like this may never be found again.

Elena’s centre is kissed by a halo of round brilliant cut white diamonds and more exceptionally rare oval cut Argyle Pink Diamonds atop a platinum band.

As the life of the Argyle Pink Diamond mine reached its end in 2020, the privilege of owning a piece of natural history like this is rarer than ever before.

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1.12ct Round Brilliant Cut, Lot 52 2019 Argyle Tender, Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond
Argyle Pink Oval Cut Diamonds
Argyle Pink Pear Shape Diamonds
White Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

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