Calleija are proud to utilise CanadaMark & Diavik Diamonds in many of our creations. The known origin and strict standards of quality and cut ensure peace of mind for all our clients.

Platinum and Emerald Cut White Diamond Ring
Certified Diamonds- Calleija are proud to utilize CanadaMark & Diavik Diamonds

CanadaMark Diamonds

The CanadaMark Diamond mines located in Canada are prized for diamonds that offer distinctiveness, radiant beauty and issue­‐free origin. Many of the world’s diamonds come with gem certification but very few with a guarantee of origin which CanadaMarkTM can provide.

CanadaMarkTM certification is an authentication from the Canadian Government, in partnership with private enterprise, that your diamond was mined from selected mines in the North­‐West Territories of Canada. Only select Canadian rough crystals are chosen for CanadaMarkTM diamonds.

BHP Billiton owned CanadaMarkTM diamonds are carefully tracked from the mine to the finished polished diamond. This independently audited CanadaMarkTM diamond is of a completely natural origin.

CanadaMarkTM diamonds have never been treated by lasers to lighten dark inclusions and have never been high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) treated to improve the colour. CanadaMarkTM diamonds have also never been fracture filled to hide unsightly inclusions.

To learn more please visit www.canadamark.com

Diavik Diamonds

Calleija also utilize Canadian Diavik diamonds in many of our designs. Diavik is ‘The Diamond with a Story’. These beautiful diamonds are natural, sustainable and also issue free from the remote Northwest Territories of Canada.

To own a Diavik diamond, is to become part of a truly remarkable story. Not only will you possess a beautiful, natural Canadian diamond, but you will also be assured of its origin.

Diavik’s vision is to be Canada’s premier diamond producer, creating a legacy of responsible safety, environmental and employee development practice and enduring community benefit. Diavik believe in using resources wisely, continuing a tradition that has been practiced for centuries by the people of the North.

A unique code is etched onto each diamond enabling our clients to always identify the source of their diamond.

Diavik contributes to sustainable development by seeking to maximize the resources it mines, by pursuing opportunities to enhance environmental, social and economic benefits, and by reducing adverse effects that may result from its undertakings.

Diavik are also committed to protecting the natural surroundings of its operations and to minimize its effects on the environment and on the traditional lifestyles of local communities.

Calleija are proud to use Diavik as a preferred supplier as Canadian diamonds are much prized for their distinctiveness, value and issue­‐free origin.

To learn more about Diavik please visit www.thediamondwithastory.com.au