The Unique Glacier Cut

Calleija presents the Glacier Diamond – a superb cut of spectacular beauty.

Crafted by renowned designer John Calleija, his vision was to create the most exquisite Diamond cut that would ignite passion in the heart of the person who wears it. The design process was a lesson in patience and perfection that resulted in a Diamond that has become the ultimate celebration of true love.

Mesmerised by curves and the beauty of Diamonds themselves John Calleija has developed his very own Diamond titled the Glacier. During this process he had one question driving him: What cut is worthy of my clients and the legacy it now carries? He had a vision to design the most fantastic and unique engagement ring that would illuminate the face of the person who wears it while reflecting the treasured sentiments of love it has come to symbolise. In 2005 John broke the mould when he took the best aspects of all the various cushion cuts and created the perfect cut and named it ‘Glacier’.

The Glacier cut has been created to delight and enchant its wearer. The cut itself was a lesson in persistence and endurance that took John two years to perfect with the expert guidance of a maestro stonecutter. The result is nothing short of superb; it exudes a beautiful feminine shape, and a brightness and intensity that allows maximum brilliance to radiate from the stone. The cut is one of Calleija’s important triumphs of craftsmanship and unique design -­ bringing femininity and grace to the traditional angular cushion cut Diamond.

Handcrafted and shaped perfectly each Glacier diamond is individually laser inscribed and you may even choose to include your own customised wording to your beloved on the edge (girdle) of the diamond.

Celebrate your treasured moment with The Glacier Diamond – rare and exclusive to Calleija.

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