John Calleija’s design ethos has been rewarded with many National and International Awards.

Virtual Eros Diamond Mask: International De Beers Diamond Award Winner

Widely acclaimed as the Academy Award of the Jewellery world since its inception in 1953, this prestigious honour is only bestowed upon an exclusive selection of the world’s finest jewellers. Recognised as the penultimate worldwide achievement in design, entries of exceptional standard from across the globe strive to be selected as finalists. John was chosen to receive this award in a very special millennium competition that attracted over 2,500 entries. Calleija’s presentation of ‘Virtual Eros”, a futuristic full diamond face mask featuring nearly 44 carats of scintillatingly brilliant diamonds has since achieved much notoriety, being chosen to appear in the late Alexander McQueen’s catwalk collection.

Matrix and Pure Zen: Harpers Bazaar Australian Diamond Guild Awards

John Calleija won two of the Harpers Bazaar Diamond Guild of Australia Awards for his creations Pure Zen and The Matrix. The Pure Zen creation won the Diamond Solitaire Award for its innovative design, giving the illusion that the diamond is floating in mid air above the wearer’s hand. The Matrix design was the other award winner in the Men’s Jewellery category with its futuristic approach to gents’ jewellery that broke all the rules of traditional design. Winning both The Men’s Jewellery Award and The Diamond Solitaire Award, John Calleija said “Both pieces were inspired by my passion for unique, bespoke jewellery that breaks all the traditional rules”. The gentleman’s ring named ‘The Matrix’ was inspired by blade runner -­ designing a creation that was both cutting edge and futuristic. This piece is designed specifically for the man wanting to express his individuality. The ‘Pure Zen’ ring represents minimalism, balance and harmony with the unique illusion that the diamond is floating through the air. ‘I wanted to push through the boundaries and the usual borders of design to create something that was inspired by the light.” The designs were judged on the criteria of their originality, innovation, fashion appeal, contemporary design and quality craftsmanship.