Argyle Dreaming™

Unveiled in New York in conjunction with Rio Tinto, the Argyle Dreaming™ necklace and ring set was handcrafted with diamonds from the iconic Australian Argyle mine and with gold from Rio Tinto’s Kennecott mine in the United States.

Featuring 673 natural Australian Argyle White and Fancy Colour Diamonds and 237 grams of Kennecott gold, Argyle Dreaming™ is remarkable. Her design is inspired by the glorious sunburnt lands and snaking rivers of the east Kimberley Region of Western Australia where the Argyle mine was located, as well as the kaleidoscope of pink, white, blue, yellow and champagne coloured diamonds that the mine was famous for producing.

As Calleija designers and master jewellers dedicated more than 800 hours to creating Argyle Dreaming™, she proved to be one of the most unique collaborations admired around the world.

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Combining award-winning design with rare and beautiful gems
results in iconic jewels crafted to last for generations.

Virtual Eros Diamond Mask

John Calleija’s ‘Virtual Eros’ diamond face mask, winner of the coveted De Beers International Diamond Design Award in 2000 is still regarded throughout the world as one of the most daring and exquisite examples of contemporary jewellery design. Renowned as the Academy Award of the jewellery design sphere, over 2,500 entries were received that year for the De Beers award.

The piece, featuring 44 carats of brilliant diamonds, even attracted the attention of Madonna, who named it her favourite piece among the entries. Since receiving the award, Virtual Eros has gone on to appear in countless publications and has even featured in Alexander McQueen’s catwalk collection.

The jewellery and design worlds’ continued fascination with this stunning piece speaks to its designer’s unparalleled talent for cutting edge design and flawless craftsmanship. Today, the piece holds pride of place in Calleija’s flagship boutique on the Gold Coast for visitors to admire.

World’s Most Expensive Hat

Calleija proudly collaborated with Myer and multi-award winning milliner and designer Natalie Bikicki to create the “World’s Most Expensive Hat” debuted at the Melbourne Derby Day. Featuring leather, latex, a central 27.53ct Green Beryl and surrounded by three, four and five carat D coloured diamonds the World’s Most Expensive Hat created a distinctive presence and was valued at $3 million.

Matrix and Pure Zen: Harpers Bazaar Australian Diamond Guild Awards

John Calleija’s dedication to contemporary design has seen him win countless awards, including the Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild of Australia Award. John was awarded for The Pure Zen and The Matrix.

The bold yet elegant and refined Pure Zen features a single White diamond perched above a band, which gives the impression that the diamond is floating above the wearer’s hand.  ‘I wanted to push the boundaries of design to create something that was inspired by the light,” says John Calleija.

A nod to minimalism which encompasses Zen Buddhism’s fundamentals of balance and harmony, Pure Zen was recognised with the Diamond Solitaire Award for its innovative design, fashion appeal, originality and exceptional craftsmanship.

It was for these same characteristics that The Matrix was also recognised for the same award in the men’s category. This piece was created for the modern man who appreciates traditional design, but who wants to express his unique sense of style with an equally unique piece of jewellery, incorporating traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship.

Majestic Light

Celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, John Calleija created an exquisite work of art, titled “Majestic Light” that was shown at Kensington Palace for a royal exhibition titled, “Out of the Vault – Pink Diamonds and Royalty.” This exclusive Argyle Pink Diamond exhibition showcased the beauty and rarity of these precious diamonds. “Majestic Light” features almost a quarter of a kilo of Platinum and consists of exactly 749 Argyle Pink and White Diamonds.

The work of art is complimented by an exquisite wearable Argyle Pink Diamond Ring, inspired by Her Majesty’s original coronation crown, that detaches from the base of the sculpture. The elegant wearable Argyle Pink Diamond Ring features sixty round brilliant cut Argyle Pink Diamonds and two fabulous pear shaped Argyle Pink Diamonds that total exactly 0.60 points.These precise numbers were chosen to celebrate the sixty-year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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