Designer John Calleija

Welcome to the world of Calleija where beauty, colour and design rewrite the rule book.

Where it all Began…

John Calleija’s story of becoming a jeweller is not a typical one. John recalls from a young age being given a pad and pencil so he could draw to keep himself entertained and draw he certainly did. One night, to his parent’s dismay, with a pen and a torch, he drew a car in great detail on his bed sheets. Many years later it became apparent that even though John didn’t know it at the time he was in fact preparing himself for his future profession. John is one of five children and when his Italian mother asked John what he wanted to do with his life he really didn’t have a clue. As John was trying to think of an appropriate answer for his mother, an advertisement appeared on television for diamond jewellery. From that moment John knew he wanted to be a jeweller. He wanted to create beautiful objects just like the ones he had seen. Mrs Calleija decided to help her youngest son find his vocation in life, even though she actually really wanted him to be a Catholic Priest!

John was quickly offered an interview with a Maltese jeweller who was seeking an apprentice to learn the trade. John took one look at how the jeweller created beautiful jewellery and he was hooked. Calleija built his business from the ground up, with a keen eye for detail and a vision to design fantastic creations that would illuminate the face of the person who wears them. “The astonishing beauty of precious gems gives me the desire to express myself through the splendour of jewellery. If you can imagine it we can breathe life into it – much to the delighted eyes of our clientele.”

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