Calleija’s Partnership with Zara Phillips

A passion for the exceptional and a determination for perfection sees a partnership of talent, imagination, desire and enthusiasm culminate in the Zara Phillips Collection by Calleija. These are the inspiring and dynamic qualities that have influenced the lives of two different people, but unite them today in their common ambition.

zara phillips partnership

Zara Phillips and John Calleija

As a world-renowned jeweller and designer, John Calleija has a reputation for his distinguished taste and unfailing commitment to perfection. The decision to collaborate and share the passion, talent and craftsmanship of Calleija is not one taken lightly by the Calleija family. And yet, when John met Zara Phillips several years ago at the Gold Coast’s Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival, their mutual excitement was palpable.

Zara’s role as Ambassador of Racing Women Australia and Calleija’s place as official jeweller for the carnival led to a serendipitous meeting which would soon result in one of Calleija’s most remarkable collaborations. Wearing spectacular Calleija pieces on an extraordinary summer’s day, Zara Phillips was one of many esteemed guests to witness the Beachside Barrier Draw upon the golden sands of Surfers Paradise beach. John Calleija, also present at the event, would there meet Zara for the first time. As the sun rose in the background over the charging horses, a more perfect setting for the meeting of two such unique and talented minds could not have been written.

Their shared enthusiasm for distinctive design and exceptional quality make John Calleija and Zara Phillips a perfect pairing. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two instantly recognised these qualities in each other, and the rest, as they say, is history.

From that chance meeting back in 2013, Zara Phillips and Calleija have gone on to create a contemporary, timeless and incredibly wearable collection. Zara’s exceedingly practical nature paired with her natural style and grace have helped Calleija to create a range of pieces as functional as they are beautiful.

“From the very first meeting with John, I felt an instant connection to Calleija’s designs,” says Zara. “It felt fantastic to wear them. John and I talked then about creating something together and how great it could be. We agreed that, for it to truly represent our personalities, we would both need to play an active role in the designs, from the choice of gemstones through to the overall finish, and that is what has happened.

“Based on some amazing sketches John did, we discussed how each piece would reflect the spirit of Unbridled Elegance – the theme on which we had decided for our collection and I am really delighted with the finished pieces. I am no jewellery designer, but I have had a great time working on this with John and Calleija and I hope everyone enjoys the collection as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.”